A crypto millionaire wants to build a blockchain-city in Nevada

Blockchains in Nevada, USA

A huge piece of land in the Nevada desert was recently bought by Blockchains LLC for $ 170 million in cash this year.

Crypto Millionaire Jeffrey Burns

The man who owns a company, a lawyer and a cryptocurrency millionaire named Jeffrey Burns , last week put on a helmet and climbed onto a Polaris SUV to go on a journey through his new property and dispel some secrets.

He learned about Bitcoin in 2012, after he bought Ethereum. Thanks to the astronomical rise in prices for Epherium , and some timely sales in the past 2017, he became rich enough to finance his dream project.

He imagines that the experimental community has spread about a hundred square miles, where homes, schools, commercial districts and production studios will be built. The central element of this gigantic project will be the blockchain, a new database that was introduced by Bitcoin.

Just as Bitcoin allowed to transfer money without using a bank. Burns believes that the blockchain technology will allow ordinary people to control their own data – the lifeblood of the digital economy – without relying on large companies or governments; the breadth of his ambitions is certainly inspiring.

There is a fuzzy edge between these utopian visions and rapid enrichment schemes. The regulator closed several cryptocurrency projects. But he differs from his crypto brothers in spending his money . While he said, he spent $ 300 million on land, offices, planning, and a staff of 70 people.

However, Mr. Burns said he did not want to be a real estate mogul or become even richer. He promises to give 90% of all profits on the development of the project. The blockchain system will work for regulation, and the voting rights will be recorded in a digital wallet.


Burns has managed to win the sympathy of local officials who are striving for economic development. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval read the Blockchains proclamation at an event last month, where Mr. Burns sat next to the Governor and Elon Musk, Tesla CEO.

But at the moment, Blockchains is empty land, and the company will not begin construction until the end of 2019, at least after the master plan has been drawn up and approved by its district.

Jeffrey Burns believes that the Blockchains crypto project will be one of the most ambitious, which will bring great benefits to people.