Company Registration in Nevada

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The United States has traditionally provided entrepreneurs with ample opportunities and prospects for successful growth, and it does not matter whether they belong to national residents or not. The investment attractiveness of the country, infrastructure development, stable, structured, protecting business legislation are just a few advantages. This makes entrepreneurs increasingly think about starting a business in the Americas. In the state there are specific rules of law, according to which the conditions of activity, registration and taxation features vary greatly from state to state. Therefore, the choice of jurisdiction should be approached carefully.

Nevada – the leader in thoughtfulness and convenience for the organization of business

Specialists from Prifinance, with extensive practical experience of successful interaction with US authorities, suggest considering the possibilities of Nevada. The state has done a great deal of work in the area of ​​legislation and business organization over several decades. This allowed him to take a leading position in simplicity and ease of doing business. As an offshore United States, Nevada receives large tax returns from gambling and hotel business, exhibitions and conferences, and so on. Therefore, rates for other businesses and private citizens in the state are the lowest in the United States. There is also a rule here that founders or the board of directors can be non-residents of the United States.

Among other advantages of Nevada as jurisdictions:

  • zero tax rate for enterprises (corporations or LLC – partnerships in which liability is limited);
  • all company-friendly corporate law;
  • no need to make funds in the authorized capital at the time of registration;
  • minimum reporting requirements;
  • no LLC property tax or individual shares in companies; high level of information security – in Nevada there is no provision for data exchange with the State Tax Administration, there is no corporate taxation department, shareholders and company owners remain completely anonymous;
  • can provide (in some cases) the lack of responsibility for the obligations of the enterprise for its management;
  • The state secretariat is known for its responsiveness, loyalty to companies that turn to it, constant support and high level of service.

Features and nuances of business organization in Nevada

Business registration in the jurisdiction has its own specifics. It is necessary to open an account in Nevada, submit to the Secretariat a List of Officers containing information about the Directorate and managers of the structure. Information about them is publicly available, but personal information is not provided to the state. An established Nevada corporation can operate worldwide, have offices outside the state and country, and so on — no special permits are required. However, there are some nuances in registration – the Nevada authorities expose a high level of registration costs and require it to:

  • annually “renew” business rights by submitting an updated List of Officers;
  • buy a license for a business – also once a year;
  • to submit a report on the company’s activities – the first time 12 months after its creation, and then with a one-year periodicity;
  • open an account in Nevada – the place of the bank or branch of the structure from another state.

Among the forms of business in the state there are individual enterprises, full, limited partnerships, corporations. All of them differ in a set of registration documents and taxation model.

The most convenient forms for non-residents include LLCs – partnership companies whose liability is limited. The legal entity is recognized separately from the owners, and its debts do not burden them. Such companies are exempt from paying taxes, even if the business extends beyond the United States. They have a higher level of information protection than corporations, and there is no need to file transnational income declarations – acting as a traditional offshore US, Nevada offers preferential terms for business. Among the features of registration LLC should be called:

  • the possibility of education by one or several founders;
  • obligatory presence of LLC abbreviation in the name;
  • availability of the address and office for at least a year;
  • declaring total capital of 50,000 dollars (it is not necessary to pay for it) and liability within the limits of the funds contributed;
  • submission to the State Secretariat of a statement, constituent documents and payment of the fee;
  • the requirement for a registered agent in Nevada, who will “lead” the company during registration and further activities.