How can a foreigner get a driver’s license in the USA

The United States can safely be called the most motorized country in the world. State authorities have created all the conditions for their citizens to have more than one car in the family. In America, the public transport network is not very developed, since here people mainly drive their own cars, regardless of distance.

You do not need to be a US citizen or a Green Card holder to get American rights . Every foreigner who has come to the United States can easily get the American rights of any of the states and travel freely around the country, studying its beauty or making business trips.

Where to go to get a US driver’s license?

Tour operators do not provide services for obtaining rights in the United States, so foreigners should independently apply to local state agencies. Do not worry and think that this process is complicated.In the US, everyone can freely get a driver’s license with a minimum of documents.

In the United States, the issuance of certificates is engaged in a specialized department – the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It is important to remember that in different states there are small differences in the rules of the road (traffic rules), in the requirements during the exams and fines. The price of applying for exams in all states is different, so the cost for a particular state should be specified directly in the state DMV. For example, the following is a reference from the New York City Vehicle Department:

Department of Motor Vehicles of New York

Oral US Driver License Exam

Having come to DMV, the first thing to do is to register. It’s important to have with you:

  • ID (passport, another document proving your identity);
  • Foreigners are required to provide  Social Security Number .

If you do not have a Social  Security  Number ( SSN ), then you need to receive a letter from theSocial  Security  Administration stating that you are not supposed to have an SSN . For example, if you are a student at an American university , you may receive a letter from the university confirming that you are a foreign student. With this letter you need to contact the Social  Security  Administration, which in turn will give you the necessary help.

In the building of the department, the applicant will be recorded in a queue, will be appointed the date of the examination and will give out a free book on traffic rules (Driver’s manual). On the appointed day, you must come to the exam. Usually it passes quickly enough, and the rules themselves are simple. They are created with the aim to simplify the life of the driver and pedestrian.The exam is provided with 20 test questions for which answers are offered. To get a driver’s license is enough to answer 14 questions. The examiner checks the test immediately, so after a few minutes it will be clear whether the person received a driver’s license or not.

If the test is passed, the applicant is sent to a specialist to check his eyesight. In some states, the future driver is given a lecture on drugs, alcohol and safety rules. Then, within a week, the Learner Permit rights to drive a vehicle are sent by mail. Such a certificate is issued so that a person learns how to ride without having to go to a driving school. Validity of such rights up to 6 months, it all depends on state laws. Such a document has some restrictions, for example, they may prohibit the carriage of passengers, drive at night or even get behind the wheel without a person who has full rights. All these nuances are spelled out in the law of each state and they will necessarily be reported.

In some states, when learning to drive, it is important to remember to take a short theoretical course at a driving school (5-hour pre-licensing course). Having listened to all the lectures, the organization issues a certificate of a MV-278 certificate to a person; it is valid for a year. When a person feels ready to take a ride, he can sign up for an exam. During recording, it is imperative to provide a certificate.

Driving surrender for obtaining a driver’s license in the USA

You can sign up for a driving test by phone or online. It is necessary to review the proposed dates, as well as the time and select the appropriate one. Usually, the nearest empty seats can be found only in a month, and sometimes later. During the waiting time is a good practice. On the appointed day, the applicant meets with an instructor, who points him to the road and maneuvers that need to be done.Throughout the exam, the instructor notes your mistakes. Letting driving takes place on a private car.There is no special area for the exam, everything happens on the carriageway of the city streets. As a rule, narrow lanes are selected, in which there are many houses and cars.

There must be two main maneuvers in the exam program:

  • turn on a narrow carriageway;
  • parallel parking, you need to do it correctly, from once and in just 3 minutes. The machine should stop close to the curb, but not touch it. When passing it is forbidden to look in the mirror, you can look forward or only backward.

The inspector notes all the errors and at the end of the exam gives a ticket, which contains penalty points. If the number of errors exceeds 25, then the exam is failed, you need to re-book the date and try again. If driving was successfully surrendered, then in 1-2 weeks, the person will receive a driver’s license ( driver license ), which allows you to drive without restrictions.

Your driving license will be valid for the duration of your status in the USA, i.e. until the end of your visa or Green Card.

Americans are friendly to foreigners, so do not be afraid to take exams for a driver’s license in the United States. Travel by car in America, will give unforgettable memories and emotions!