Medical insurance for a trip to the USA

Medical insurance is required for a trip to the United States, as this country is among the top five countries with expensive medicine.

The insurance policy allows free use of medical (consultations, tests, treatment, medicines) and organizational (transportation to a health facility, return to home in emergency situations, repatriation) services. If you cancel the trip or change its terms, the issued insurance policy will help you to pay damages. If you lose your baggage or delay delivery, you are guaranteed to get your money back.

What is medical insurance in the USA for?

If you suddenly fall ill during a trip, medical insurance for a trip to the USA will allow you to receive qualified assistance and pay for a wide range of services – from outpatient treatment to hospitalization.

Tour – insurance is required to obtain a visa, it must be in the amount of 50 thousand dollars and it must be done no later than 5 days before the date of departure.

What to look for when choosing an insurance program

When buying a TCD policy, we enable tourists to choose on their own what risks will be covered by this particular program. There are basic points that are included in all programs, namely:

  • Cancel travel
  • Injuries sustained during active rest (medical expenses)
  • Civil responsibility
  • Accident
  • Loss of baggage

The Class A minimum insurance program does not cover the cost of transporting close relatives, legal assistance, a third party visit, emergency messaging, returning and sending baggage to another address. You can get acquainted with all the conditions of the programs ” A”, “A1”, “A2”, “A3” on our website in the cost calculator section and in the Documents section in the  TCD rule .

If you often travel, you need to pay attention to the annual insurance in the US (payment occurs without intermediaries). From the moment you are debited from your bank account, you are already the Insured.

What does medical insurance cover in the US?

  • Dental services (in the framework of 100 USD under the program “A” – “A2” and 180 USD under the program “A3” ).
  • Compensation of harm to life and health under the circumstances due to an accident (emergency medical care, rehabilitation)
  • Full or partial damage to property of third parties
  • Clarification of the circumstances of the insured event, the cost of litigation
  • Expenses for canceled and not postponed excursion service
  • Delay or cancellation of the flight (air, train, bus, sea) due to weather conditions or mechanical failure (not fixed within 24 hours), the cost of the first 2 days of stay

Risks not covered by health insurance

  • amounts exceeding the insurance limits specified in the contract
  • costs caused by the refusal of a visa
  • refusal of the insured to leave the territory of the United States due to his hospitalization or for the purpose of plastic surgery, treatment
  • delay in boarding the plane after registration
  • refusal of departure due to the postponement (the contract is not extended)
  • cancellation of the trip due to non-fulfillment of their duties by the travel agency (travel agent)
  • damage to baggage regardless of the reasons
  • hand luggage and baggage transferred to the carrier or custodian in violation of the clearance procedure

A complete list of non-insurance claims can be found in the terms of the insurance contract.

Availability of additional risk protection

Acquired policy must be valid for the entire period of your visit to the United States. The main active risk is considered to be emergency medical, unless otherwise specified in the contract. The list of insurance options can be expanded according to your needs.

Insurance for active recreation

Among the tourists in the United States are the most popular:

  • Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving on famous beaches in Malibu, Hawaii (Waikiki beach), Beach Noset on the east coast, Los Angeles
  • Trekking, hiking, kayaking, cycling in nature reserves and parks
  • Of winter recreation, skiing, snowboarding.

Often, tourists are injured during outdoor activities or during sports. Therefore, for better security, risks should be indicated on the website in the form of a calculator   when calculating the cost of insurance so that they are taken into account in the final price.

 For example, you intend to go on a bike tour. In this case, you need to choose from the three options item ” Active rest “. To avoid errors in each item when you hover the cursor, you will see a hint on what types they belong to. If you choose the option ” without active rest “, then the payment will not be when the insured event occurred during an active rest or sports.

Consider an example of calculating the cost of health insurance for a trip to the United States in   the insurance calculator :

Select a country from the drop-down list (US), then specify the ” type of rest ” (winter). Next you need to choose a ” sport ” from the list, for example, biathlon and luge. Since there is no professional risk, we select the item “ without professional risk ”.

The insurance period will take 8 days, the currency and the amount of insurance 50,000 dollars. It is necessary to fill in the passport data of the insured persons (if there are several of them each will have their own policy) and the insurer, the buyer can only be an adult natural or legal person.

In the fourth paragraph, “insurance programs”, the recommended program (in this case “ A2 ”, enhanced protection) is highlighted in blue . Under the link you can see the conditions of the program and immediately see the calculated total cost of insurance.

Medical insurance for students

Study in the United States for citizens of the Russian Federation is possible only with a visa (tourist or student, depends on the educational program). In the process of obtaining a tourist visa, medical insurance in the United States is not obligatory, however, in most universities, foreign students require insurance for the entire period of study, since all types of medical services are provided on a paid basis (prices are among the highest in the world). It is recommended to buy a TCD policy with the highest amount of coverage and taking into account many risks.

Some schools have the opportunity to buy insurance for students on site, but it does not cover all possible costs (tests, purchase of medicines), but only medical services of doctors at the university. In order to remain in an emergency without protection, it is advisable to issue a policy covering as many insurance claims as possible.

Insurance coverage

The minimum amount of insurance coverage for the United States is $ 35,000, and the maximum $ 50,000. The federal law of the Russian Federation on the basics of tourist activities specifies the minimum insurance amount of 2,000,000 rubles.

For how long can I get medical insurance in the US

There are two variants of the policy:

  • For a single trip, in this case, the validity of the insurance from one day and not more than 365
  • For multiple trips – there is a possibility to choose any number of days of stay no more than 180 per year.

Medical insurance for obtaining a visa in the United States

To enter the United States, you must obtain a tourist visa and corresponding medical insurance. There are five types of insurance for a visa, the choice depends on the purpose of your trip. The objectives of the trip may be:

  • Work, business trip
  • Study
  • Tourism, recreation
  • Visiting close relatives and friends

The requirement of insurance for a visa

In the tourist type of insurance, it is recommended to include the option ” active rest ” in the cost calculator , in case you will be engaged in any sport (also for athletes). If your goal is a visit to relatives, we advise you to specify the Civil liability option, which provides for all insured events that may occur with their participation. For the passage of two-month courses or study at the university, suitable student type of insurance. To protect yourself from paying for damage to the property of an educational institution or other alien things, it is necessary to rely on the “ Civil Liability ” risk in the insurance contract .

Insurance policy cover for a visa

The policy issued on our website will allow you to get a tourist visa in the United States, the most inexpensive basic class “ A ” option . Insurance coverage is negotiated with the insurer individually, but for this country it is recommended to use the maximum limit of 50 thousand dollars, as the price level in the medical system is quite high.

The following expenses are covered:

  • Delayed flight of the aircraft or sea vessel, loss and transportation of baggage
  • Emergency dental services (injury as a result of an accident or inflammation of the tooth and surrounding tissues)
  • Repatriation
  • Transportation, including early return from the trip
  • Return of children under the age of majority
  • Legal assistance
  • Telephone calls with the service company

You can find a complete list of covered expenses in the TCD rules in the Documents section .

Medical insurance for multivisa in the US

When making insurance, a tourist can choose several countries, for example, the USA, Tunisia, the country of the Schengen zone , the price is calculated automatically in the calculator. Buying such insurance is beneficial for frequent travelers and businessmen. Cheaper will cost you annual insurance with a fixed number of days than buying several one-time policies for each trip separately. Also, if you have such insurance, you can use it, traveling many times during the year with only one insurance. In case of emergency visa extension, Russian citizens are required to have insurance coverage for the entire period of stay abroad.

Work visa insurance

When you receive a work visa for employment in the United States, you need an insurance policy with the option turned on in the “ occupational risks ” calculator . Standard insurance does not cover the risks and illnesses that may occur during your time at work (the nature of the disease does not matter).

Does medical insurance cover US pregnancy and delivery?

According to the rules of the contract concluded with the insurer, payment of expenses in the event that a woman is in a position depends on the insurance program chosen and the duration of pregnancy. The minimum program ” A ” costs are not compensated, under the terms of the programs ” A1 ” – ” A3 ” only from the 24th week of pregnancy. 

Expenses due to complications due to pregnancy and obstetric procedures are also not paid. An exception is the case of its artificial interruption as a result of an accident.

The cost of health insurance in the United States

The cost of health insurance in the United States in each case will be different, it depends on the choice of insurance programs, additional risks specified during the design of the policy. For individual calculation of the exact amount, use the online calculator , which is located in the “Travel Insurance” section.

  • Specify the type of insurance – one-time or annual, registration of multivisa.
  • Enter the number of insured persons and passport information
  • Specify the planned period of stay country
  • Should medical insurance take into account active recreation

The cost of insurance is calculated and the variants of insurance programs of class “ A ” for the information entered will appear on the screen . You can view all options and benefits included in each insurance program or only data that is different.

Number of days spent in the USA7 days14 days30 days
Country of insurance: USAInsurance coverage: $ 35,000Insurance program “Improved protection”1622 rubles2868 rub– rub
Country of insurance: USAInsurance coverage: $ 50,000Insurance program “Improved protection”2202 rub3892 rubles– rub
Country of insurance: USAInsurance coverage: $ 35,000Territory of insurance: “The whole world”Insurance program “Improved protection”1622 rubles2868 rub– rub

What are the limitations when buying a policy

The insurance policy is not valid in the territory of the country of which it is a citizen, officially registered or registered as a tourist.

Requirements for registration of insurance:

  • hard copy
  • composing language is Russian or English
  • must be information about the insured persons: passport details, the territory of the action, the amount of coverage, time of commencement and validity, the number of days, the list of insurance risks that are covered.

A complete list of exceptions is in the Documents section , TCD rules.

What to do when an insured event occurs

The most important thing in this case is to notify the insurance / service company immediately within 24 hours by the telephone numbers prescribed in the TCD health insurance, otherwise the compensation will be canceled or limited to 250 euros. All transmitted documents must be translated into Russian and notarized. The payment of the insurance premium is made after receipt of the requested securities by the company by the insurer within two weeks.

You can familiarize yourself with the detailed action algorithm for any insurance risk on our website in the “ Insured Accident ” section .

Types of insurance compensation

There are two options for damages:

  • The company has an insurer.

Everything is paid directly to you or the Service Company, when calling a doctor or other insurance claims after sending a message about the incident to the phone numbers specified in the insurance. The tourist will be provided with the necessary assistance under the contract and within the amount of the insurance limit. Within thirty working days you must submit all documents and provide evidence.

No need to resort to the help of individual doctors without notifying the SC, otherwise you will pay for these cases yourself and without further compensation by the insurance company. Details you can see in the rules of registration of insurance for TCD.

  • Through Assistance (Service Company)

You pay yourself, be sure to notify the Service Company of the occurrence of the insured event in advance of no more than 24 hours. Keep all checks for their submission to their company for payment upon arrival home.

How to make changes to the insurance policy

It is necessary to write a letter with the completed application for termination of the contract and the number of the policy on the email address indicated on the site. Within a period of not more than ten days, you will get back the amount due (before the start of the insurance period).

After the start of the policy, you will be paid the amount of coverage in the same period in proportion to the number of days used. The policy issued for one day is not subject to cancellation.

If there is a need to change something in your policy, write in the feedback form , and we will respond shortly.

Franchise size 

Our advantage for tourists is the design of all types of insurance and to any country in the world without a deductible. In the case of a policy with a franchise, the tourist pays at the moment of necessity the amount of expenses, and then the company pays him the expenses upon arrival at home. On a long-term trip, if the limit specified in the contract is exceeded (a maximum of $ 50,000), the tourist is obliged to pay the rest at his own expense.      

* Exception: a case of more than 90 days in the United States and treatment on an outpatient basis ($ 100 franchise)

Electronic insurance in the USA

Electronic health insurance in the United States has equal legal force compared to the paper version. You do not need to spend your time and energy on a trip to the office for the issued insurance. After confirming the fact of payment on the site, the electronic version of the policy comes to the e-mail address in pdf format , stamped and signed. To know

print out exactly about all insurance claims and carry them with you throughout the trip.

US health care – level of medicine

In the ranking of the level of medical assistance to the United States on the 37th line. There are three main medical services and types of services provided by private and legal entities:

  • Public
  • Family
  • Hospital (ambulance)

Charitable organizations provide inpatient and outpatient services. In the US, most services are provided by clinics and hospitals, the most expensive is inpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment takes place without hospitalization, and many private specialists (personal doctors, nurses, and other medical staff) provide their services.

Features holiday in the country

One of the most beautiful sights of the United States is a unique natural phenomenon Grand Canyon National Park, located in Arizona. Helicopter tours and rafts along the riverbed are organized here. Observation deck to observe this panorama of Yaki Point. It is often advised to meet here sunset or dawn, but the views from here are good at any time of the day.

For those who prefer to engage in active pastime, suitable place Rocky Mountain Park, you can walk along the paths to the waterfalls and lakes, or climb to the mountain tops.

From early January to late May, the beach season is open at Florida resorts. The weather at this time is conducive to rest (no rain and not hot), the water temperature is warm.

Of the winter types of recreation, the state of Colorado provides the opportunity to practice skiing at one of the four resorts: Beaver Creek, Vale, Breckenridge and Keystone.

Whatever leisure option you choose, a TCD insurance policy is suitable for anyone with one of the Class A programs and various options for tourists.

First Aid

Medical services in the US are divided into urgent and non-urgent. To get an appointment with a doctor, if it hurts, you need to call the registry and sign up. It can be assigned to the current or next day, the price of a one-time visit is $ 30.

When there is an urgent need at night, you need to call an ambulance or by taxi or car. Such a call can cost from $ 150 (depending on the severity of the case) or $ 5,000 (for example, at a broken leg). One day of hospitalization for uninsured patients costs $ 4,500.  

An example of a check for services (paid for by the insurance policy) with a broken leg fracture:

  1. 3 days in the ward of the clinic of Brooklyn: 13680doll.
  2. Calling an ambulance – $ 5000
  3. Equipment rental and premises— 32670doll.
  4. Surgeon (surgery and follow-up consultations) – $ 8800.
  5. X-rays (5 pcs.) – each 900doll.

Hot Emergency Phones

Rescue service call in USA 911 (one for all services). In order for one of the emergency services to arrive, it is enough to dial the number and hang up next to the telephone (it is important if the person is unable to speak).

When a call arrives, the address and number of the caller are immediately visible on the screen of the operator, and the respondent, in turn, calls his personal number (so that he can be identified in case of complaints).

The operator will ask various questions in order to classify the call according to the circumstances of the incident. A false call on 911 is severely punished. The deceiver is facing a weighty fine or short term imprisonment.

Only emergency medical service in the emergency room of the emergency room is provided for free. If the tourist does not require emergency assistance, then you can wait for your turn for more than one hour, you will be billed after treatment.

 Phone numbers and clinic addresses: 

Los Angeles : Midway Medical Center, phone + 1-323-938-3161 
Address: S925 San Vicente Blvd

Minneapolis : Abbott Northwestern Hospital, telephone +1 612 8634000  

Address: East 8th Street, d. 800

New York : Bellevue Hospital, telephone: +1 212 5624141

Address: 1st Avenue, 462

Cleveland : Cleveland Clinic, telephone: +1 866 3204573,

Address: Euclid Avenue, d. 9500

Atlanta : Emory Clinic, telephone: +1 866 3204573,

Address: Clifton Rd NE, 1365

Orlando : Florida Hospital Orlando, phone: +1 404 7785000,

Address: 601 Rollins Street

Philadelphia : Jefferson University Hospitals, phone: +1 215 955 4087

Address: South 11th Street, 111


Buy any pharmacy in the United States just can not. In the list of OTC medications, only vitamins, antipyretic and analgesic drugs, antibacterial agents, etc. In all other cases, you should contact your doctor and he will send the prescription to the pharmacy either on paper or electronically (the employee will call you or send SMS as soon as the medicine is ready).

Popular pharmacies Walgreens, CVS pharmacy, Kmart. They can buy drinks, food and other useful things (household chemicals and stationery). Each pharmacy has large shelves with vitamins and prebiotics. Some pharmacy chains provide the opportunity to buy drugs without leaving the car (“Drive Thru”). You can also get a flu shot right at the pharmacy.

The cost of the same medicine can vary greatly and depend on the place of sale. Top Prescription Drugs:

  • Actos  (diabetes from $ 15 to $ 283)
  • Celebrex (pain reliever, from $ 35 to $ 200)
  • Cymbalta  (antidepressant $ 24 to $ 185)
  • Lipitor  (high cholesterol, from 12 to 242 dollars.)
  • Plavix  (blood thinning from 10 to 184 dollars.)

Prices will be much lower if you order goods in online pharmacies.

If you are planning a trip to America, think carefully about the composition of the first-aid kit, take with you all the medicines you may need. The list must necessarily contain antibiotics, funds for the digestive tract (activated carbon is not sold in the US), glasses and spare lenses, if needed.

Fraud and theft

From the point of view of the rating of experts of the International SOS company on the map of medical risks and safety for tourists in the USA, the risk assessment is low, the overall epidemiological situation is also calm.

The top 10 most dangerous cities in the United States include Idianapolis, Stockton, Cleveland, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Birmingham, St. Louis, Auckland, Memphis, Detroit. Looting happens often, but many residents carry weapons with them, so the criminals act with caution. Theft can occur if you stay at a motel, so you need to be careful and keep valuables in a safe place (for example, a safe).

In many areas of cities there are units of the tourist police. The most common type of fraud is identity theft when using a new generation of ATMs. Although US banks issue cards with chips, they are not accepted at all ATMs. They accept such cards in stores, as they will have to compensate for losses in case of fraud. Also, tourists are not recommended to walk in the dark in ethnic neighborhoods.


In the United States they honor the law, therefore, for the slightest offense on the part of the tourist, he will be immediately fined. Frequent cases of application of sanctions:

  • The release of various debris, cigarette butts by the urn (from 75 to 1000 dollars)
  • For unreasonable noise, parties from 22 to 7 am (300 dollars)
  • Smoking outside the allotted space (50-250 dollars, depending on the place)
  • Aggressive driving (500-2500 dollars or imprisonment for 6 months)
  • Failure to comply with the speed limit or driving too slow in Nevada ($ 100- $ 500)
  • Drinking and driving, drunk driving ($ 250-1000, if they get caught 2000-5000 times and five years ’imprisonment)
  • Improper parking (46-300 dollars plus extra payment for the evacuation of the car)

Dangers of resort rest

In the US, natural disasters (tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods) often occur. A signal of impending distress are the repeated sounds of emergency sirens. On television and radio broadcasting in such cases, the rules of conduct in the situation. In the south of the country, the hurricane season lasts from June to November.

When visiting national reserves, beware of animals; food stocks should not be kept in a tent or open car, as this will attract their attention. Even small animals are unsafe, as they are carriers of infectious diseases (for example, the plague of prairie dogs). Be sure to take a repellent, because there are many insects, and mosquitoes in

some states may be carriers of the disease. Lyme disease tolerated by tick bites is dangerous, it can happen in city parks

Observe heightened vigilance when swimming on the sea coasts of Louisiana and Florida (oil pollution, Portuguese ships, sharks, barracudas).


New York is a city with five districts and numerous skyscrapers located at the confluence of the Hudson River into the Atlantic Ocean. Huge in size Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge across the East River Strait, Empire State Building observation platforms located on 86 and 102 floors, Yankee Stadium. Be sure to visit the American Museum of Natural History (world

dinosaurs, in the museum’s collection is about 23 million copies).

Los Angeles is the capital of entertainment and cinema, a city of dreamers, prospectors and gamblers. Disneyland, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, cultural and famous city buildings.

San Diego is a city and resort on the Pacific coast, where the weather is excellent all year round (warm and dry summers and mild winters and temperatures of more than 200 days a year do not exceed 21 degrees). There are 190 parks, including 26 of them near the ocean. Of the beautiful places – San Diego Zoo, Wildlife Park, Sea World, Balboa, La Hoya district and others.

San Francisco – located in the northern part of the peninsula, surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Hilly terrain (43 hills), interesting places for excursions Alcatraz Island, Silicon Valley, Fort Ross, Sonoma and Napa valleys, Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods National Park with the world’s tallest trees since the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

Santa Barbara is a small city with beautiful architecture, rich history and the most fashionable resort of California with snow-white beaches. Of the sights are the high 400-meter mountains of Santa Ynez, the historical museum of the period of the 17th-20th century, the Casa del Herrero Mexican-style palace, inside of which there are paid excursions.

Las Vegas is the most famous casino gaming center on the planet. It is also called the Sin City. Popular attractions are the world’s largest Gulliver Dam, the dancing Bellagio fountains, the High Roller, the Shark Reef aquarium.