US health insurance

The system of medical services in the United States

The United States in the field of medicine and pharmacology occupy a leading position in the world, but this position does not save the country from serious health problems. 

Medical insurance in the United States is a purely voluntary matter. There are no restrictions on receiving medical services if you are ready to pay them in full. There is no analogue to the Russian MLA in the USA. The price of a visit to the therapist for a consultation because of a slight indisposition starts from $ 300. For this reason, even wealthy people prefer to get an insurance policy.

100 Dollar Bills And Stethoscope Over American Flag

Types of US social health insurance

Medicine in the US is private; nevertheless, substantial money is allocated from the federal budget into two large-scale social programs. The Medicaid health insurance system provides medical services to poor Americans. The program was adopted in 1965. With the assistance of Obama, Mediciad has significantly expanded its capabilities since 2010. Expenditures of the federal budget reach 40%. Part of the cost is delegated to state budgets . In addition, the program provides funds for the care of nursing homes.

To participate in this program, the applicant must document their low income. Starting in 2014, income should not exceed 133% of the country’s poverty level. Medical services under the Mediciadprogram include specialist advice, hospitalization, prescription drugs, vaccination, preventive care for young children, and, if necessary, long-term care for the sick.

The second US social health insurance program is Medicare . This program is designed for people over 65 years old. If for Medicaid participants it is the only pass to the medical services sector, then the situation with Medicare clients is somewhat different . About 90% of participants have other medical policies. For example, insurance from the employer. Medicare has several pricing plans. One of them allows you to receive prescription medications at preferential prices. In the second, the range of services provided is much broader.

Despite the high level of medical services, the United States occupies only 72nd place in the world in terms of the level of public health.

Another socially significant program, SCHIP, provides medical care for children from families whose material wealth does not allow them to become Mediciad participants, but is not sufficient for private medical insurance. The program, partly funded by the federal center, part of the funds allocated from the state budget. The state authorities themselves determine the list of services that can be provided to the child, but there is a mandatory minimum. It includes:

  • hospitalization;
  • dentistry;
  • laboratory research;
  • immunization;
  • preventive medical examination;
  • radiation diagnosis.

Private Medical Insurance in the USA

The Act on Accessible Medical Care, from 01/01/2014, requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide them with medical insurance. Otherwise, you will have to pay an additional $ 2,000 in tax.Moreover, in some cases, the employer pays in whole or in part a medical insurance policy for family members of an employee.

Most US educational institutions urge their students to become participants in programs sponsored by them, educational institutions. In case of refusal, they offer to present the existing similar medical insurance .

For those who have lost a steady source of income, there is a COBRA plan on the health insurance market , which provides access to the health care system, due to the prevailing circumstances.

The Act of Accessible Medical Care allows you to solve the problem of obtaining a medical policy if you already have serious diseases. The client must confirm the absence of the policy for a period of more than six months and provide reliable waivers of the services of private insurance companies.

How much is medical insurance in the US?

The cost of health insurance in the United States varies from $ 200 with the most minimal package of services. The average cost of insurance sponsored by the employer is $ 500. There is an opportunity to purchase the policy independently, but not all applicants can afford it. A candidate undergoes a very hard insurance underwriting and even a long-forgotten, cured disease, revealed during the examination process, can actually increase the cost of the insurance policy. In short, the level ofmedicine in the United States is as high as the cost of providing medical services.

How to get medical insurance in the US, we have described above. Conclusion: The level of medical care in the United States depends on your social status, financial situation, state of health, and age.